Book Giveaway

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My friend Mike Scholtz, director and producer of Lost Conquest, sent me some terrific book photos over the weekend with the hashtag #MythsOfTheRuneStone. FansĀ of the book are encouraged to submit their own photos for consideration in a contest to win a free copy of the book. The rules are as follows, take a picture of the book, tag it with #MythsOfTheRuneStone (lower/upper case does not matter) and post the photo to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Please submit your photos by October 8. The winner will be announced on Leif Eriksson Day (October 9)!

The themes of photos can be silly (like the ones above) or serious. Given the complex nature of the Kensington Rune Story, there are both humorous and tragic dimensions. Need ideas? Take a photo of the book next to a location mentioned in it. Take a photo of the book next to “Viking” artifacts or next to other books it references. Dress up in a costume and photograph yourself, or not. Find a creative way to engage the book and the themes within. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Dave Krueger