Portrait-DaveKrueger1_sqDavid M. Krueger is from Alexandria, Minnesota – home of the Kensington Rune Stone. He grew up on a farm just outside of town and has long been intrigued by the myths surrounding what became the city’s sacred artifact.  After graduating from college in St. Paul, he moved to Philadelphia, where he eventually pursued graduate studies in U.S. religious history. To find out more about him, please visit his personal You can also contact him via the contact form below. Dave is available for book signing events, lectures, or interviews. Follow me on: Twitter / LinkedIn Facebook  / or my IMDB profile.

Full Bio:

David M. Krueger is a scholar, author, and educator who is passionate about public history and social justice. His areas of expertise include American religious history, violence, myths, and popular culture. As a sought-after lecturer and speaker, he has served as a scholarly contributor on radio and network television, including the Travel Channel and the Science Channel. He received a ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD in religion from Temple University. His book, Myths of the Rune Stone: Viking Martyrs and the Birthplace of America, is out with the University of Minnesota Press. Visit the book’s website for his latest interviews, articles, and other resources. Dr. Krueger is also a versatile and seasoned educator who has  taught at Chestnut Hill College, Palmer Theological Seminary, Temple University, Rutgers University-Camden. He currently serves as the executive director of the Dialogue Institute – Journal of Ecumenical Studies at Temple University, where he develops programs that advance the understanding of religious pluralism and the practice of dialogue. Although he grew up as a farm kid in Minnesota, he has come to love Philadelphia and its fascinating history since moving there in 1995. Articles and essays he has written have appeared in Religion Dispatches, the Believe Out Loud blog, the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, the Religion in American History blog, and Marginalia: A Los Angeles Review of Books Channel. Feel free to get in contact with me via the form below:

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  1. Hi David
    Have you visited and studied the runestone at the Alexandria museum in the last 5 years? Will your new book be based on facts or academic opinions that have facts?


    • Thank you for your questions, William. Yes I have visited the Runestone Museum recently and I have tried to follow the debates about rune stone in recent years. However, my book primarily focuses on the history of the stone and the people who talked about it from 1898 up until the 1960s. I’m not sure if I understand your second question.


  2. David – Thanks for your reply and good luck on your book. As to the later part of my question it deals with my study of the KRS since 2012. I am a retired engineer that has facts contrary to what you are suggesting. 1- Their is a .022 in. Mechanical wear line on the KRS just below the lettering. In the past it has been called a GROUND LINE. 2- The KRS is documented in chapter 3 of the treaty between Spain and Portugal. 3 – 60 native American skelitons were studied that indicate pneumonia was the likely a factor to consider in the 10 dead. 4 – David Johnson has researched the runes on the stone and has evidence that proves the Larson papers have no play in the game. 5- The 3D rotating image by photospherix I produced allows review of the stone from your computer.
    best regards


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